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The MasterSIPP gives our investors the freedom to access the widest range of investments in our portfolio. You can choose whoever you like to look after your clients' funds (subject to our due diligence), whether they're platforms, stockbrokers or discretionary investment managers. You can also invest directly through us. 

Our MasterSIPP has been top-rated by Defaqto. Please click here to view the Defaqto star ratings list.

We aim to give you as much support as possible. We aim to give you as much support as possible, from our technical updates (click here to subscribe) to online illustration wizards. This is backed up by our knowledgeable service teams - contact us now on  

You'll gain access to our own in-house commercial property expertise. As at 1 January 2018, we own over 3,600 properties on behalf of over 5,300 investors. 

Flexible income options
Flexible pension benefit options are available across our proposition. We also support investors who wish to take an annuity via the open market option.

Online functionality
Our secure portal gives you online functionality and supplies you with up to date information. It also allows you to create detailed illustrations.

Annual statements
Our praised annual statements are fully reconciled with all investment values for each investor and validate all investment transactions and holdings. Each statement presents up to 14 detailed reports including: investment details, asset disposal details and our fees.

You can download our MasterSIPP literature here.

Important information

The value of pension funds may fall as well as rise. The investor's money is tied up until they take their benefits. Benefits can generally be taken any time after age 55.


This information is intended for investment professionals and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other persons.