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RufferRuffer was founded in 1994 to provide a different approach to discretionary fund management, that of ‘absolute returns’. The investment industry suffers from the heresy of benchmarking against market-weighted indices, with the unintended consequence of transferring the management of market risk from the investment manager to the client. 

Ruffer believes this is wrong and instead has two investment aims:

1.      Not to lose money in any twelve month rolling period

2.      To achieve a consistent return significantly greater than the Bank of England base rate (after fees)

To achieve consistent positive returns, a mix of assets is required; ‘all-weather’ results require not only equities, which are essentially investments in greed, but also investments in fear. Many fund managers try to provide a comparatively good performance. Ruffer LLP’s aim is to achieve an investment performance which is ‘absolutely’ satisfactory.

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Richard Priestley
Business Development Director
T : 020 7963 8160
F : 020 7963 8176



80 Victoria Street

Account opening
In order to open an account with Ruffer LLP for your client's SIPP with Suffolk Life, please contact our Account Opening Team on 01473 296905.


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