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PsigmaLaunched in 2002, Psigma Investment Management (Psigma) is a discretionary investment manager offering a fully bespoke discretionary wealth management services to private clients, charities and trusts, and a range of Managed Portfolios.

Part of the Punter Southall Group (PSG), a diverse financial services organisation, Psigma is able to leverage the extensive investment expertise available across the group. This expertise has helped create the innovative institutional style investment solutions that benefit our clients.

Bespoke Investment Portfolios: Minimum investment £250,000

Our bespoke investment portfolios focus on investment strategies targeting real returns with lower levels of risk. This helps to preserve wealth and enhance capital. Instead of using industry standard benchmarks to measure performance, portfolios are managed according to a personalised, target rate of return; a return above inflation. 

Each portfolio and target return is designed and developed once we have a clear understanding of a client’s financial goals and objectives, together with a full appreciation of their attitude to risk. Once this is established the investment strategy is then implemented, monitored and managed daily by dedicated Investment Managers who may adjust and fine-tune the portfolio. This may be to capture potential market returns or to offer protection in difficult market conditions; all achieved with a forward-looking investment strategy and multi-asset investment approach.

Managed Portfolio Service: Minimum investment £50,000 

The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) aims to deliver lower volatility and institutional-style investment solutions through multi-asset investing. An investment strategy that we believe can reduce risk and generate returns in all market conditions. We have designed four highly diversified investment strategies for clients to choose from covering a wide range of risk appetites, each with a real-return target above inflation. This allows clients to benefit from the intellectual capital and investment expertise of discretionary fund management service, through investment in a range of established models.

Investing to meet your Client' goal

When we ask clients what they want from their investments, in nearly every case, as a starting point they want to mantian the real value of their assets. In other words, they want to protect their wealth and then look to make a return in excess of inflation.

Psigma has pioneered the use of 'inflation plus' investing for clients and has been at the forefront of the move to multi asset investing. This diversified approach to investing has been instrumental in delivering real returns with lower volatility. We also believe that having a flexible and forward thinking investment process sets us apart from the competition. Being rigorous and thorough is a prerequisite but the ability to adapt and act quickly is vital in capturing value for clients and conversely having the ability to protect their investment in failing markets.

We review and adapt our investment process to reflect the changing shape of our industry, for example, working with asset managers to develop bespoke investment vehicles for our portfolios, vehicles that are unique to us and create added value for our clients.

Contact details

Frank McGarry
Director of Business Development and Marketing
T : 020 3327 5440



11 Strand


Account opening
In order to open an account with Psigma for your client's SIPP with Suffolk Life, please contact our Account Opening Team on 01473 296905.


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