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VerbatimVerbatim offers a robust, repeatable and independent investment process, backed by powerful financial planning tools and everything you need to explain and deliver your service to clients.

Verbatim Discretionary Management keeps you in control of your client relationships, and ensures your client’s holdings remain suitably aligned with your advice – all at a competitive cost.

After conducting an analysis of your client’s financial requirements in Dynamic Planner, and agreeing on their risk profile, you can assign the Discretionary Portfolio most suitable for your client. All the Verbatim Discretionary Managers align their portfolios to the risk profiles in Dynamic Planner, this is one of the unique aspects of the service.

Verbatim Discretionary offers you access to the following Discretionary Managers:

  • Henderson Rowe
  • James Hambro & Partners LLP
  • Smith & Williamson
  • TCF Investment

Chosen for their complimentary styles and the range of investment approaches they bring to your discretionary management service. Each was approved following a lengthy and thorough due diligence process.

The Discretionary Managers will never contact your clients directly. They will invest your client’s money based on a set mandate, and will never know the identity of your clients, ensuring you remain the only point of contact and the face of the Discretionary Management Service to your clients.

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This information is intended for investment professionals and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other persons.