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We will pay any agreed initial adviser fees by BACS. Please give your firm's bank account details on the relevant application form or fee authority form. We must have the investor's authority before we can pay any adviser charges.

If you require ongoing remuneration, you will need to produce an invoice and we must have the investor's authority to pay it.

  1. The invoice must be addressed to Suffolk Life and show:
    • the invoice number
    • the invoice date
    • the plan number the invoice relates to
    • a brief description of what the invoice is for. Please show the calculation used to arrive at the invoice figure
    • who the payment cheque should be made payable to, or bank details if a BACS settlement is required
    • the address of where the cheque should be sent
    • the specific monetary amount to be paid.

    For your convenience you can use this adviser remuneration template when submitting an invoice to Suffolk Life in respect of ongoing fees please print on headed paper, ensuring the correct VAT is calculated depending on your circumstances.

  2. The investor authority can be provided to us on the fee authority form if you have not previously provided it.
  3. On receipt of your invoice, we will check that we have the correct authority from the investor to pay it, and that the calculations are correct.

If we have the correct authority from the investor, and the account has sufficient funds, the invoice will normally be settled within 10 working days.

Invoices can be sent by post or email, and you should confirm with your accountant whether each invoice you send is subject to VAT - we cannot advise you on this matter.

We pay invoices on a quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis.

If you have any queries, please contact our Adviser Invoices team on 01473 296 964.


This information is intended for investment professionals and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other persons.