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Dealing instructions

Deals can be placed over the ‘phone, by fax or in writing - but not by e-mail. To place a deal we will need the following information:

  • Suffolk Life plan number
  • amount for investment
  • name of fund
  • where the investor has not given us authority to act on all investment instructions received from their financial adviser we will require the investor’s written or verbal confirmation that they agree to the deal instruction 
  • whether income or accumulation units are required and, where income units selected, if income should be reinvested or paid out
  • commission details and any special terms or discounts applicable. Please also state if we are to send the application form to a particular contact
  • how you want the deal placed – directly with a fund manager or via an investment platform

Application form

  • Please leave the registration details and signatories blank
  • You may wish to complete your fund choice, the investment amount, your firm details, commission terms and any special terms you may have agreed with the fund manager

Please note that we will require a new instruction for any future tax reclaims, cash transfers in or future lump sum contributions.

Depending on the type of SIPP plan involved, the investments are made in the name of either Suffolk Life Annuities Limited or Suffolk Life Trustees Limited (if you are unsure please check) followed by the investor’s 6 digit plan number. As long as you have provided your adviser details with the deal instruction, we will always ask for your firm's agency to be linked to the account, ensuring you will automatically receive copies of contract notes and be able to contact the fund manager directly for account information.'

When making an investment, where an agency has been linked to the account, we do not always automatically receive a client copy of the contract note directly from the fund manager. In these circumstances we do request copies of contract notes from the fund managers so that we are able to maintain accurate and up to date information on investments made.

Maximum investment amount

Please note when we receive a request to invest the maximum available funds within the SIPP we may retain a small balance on the investor’s SIPP bank account. This will take into account any fees, income drawdown payments and funds required if properties are held within the portfolio.


This information is intended for investment professionals and should not be relied upon by private customers or any other persons.