Proposition overview

At its heart the Suffolk Life MasterSIPP is a means to not only invest for your retirement, but to take control over your plan while you do so. With guidance from your own financial adviser, the Suffolk Life MasterSIPP allows you to self-invest your funds in a wide and diverse array of assets of your own or your adviser's choosing. It then subsequently allows flexible options when you choose to take benefits, including capped and flexible drawdown.

Product summary

  • Self-invest your fund in a wider range of assets of your choice and take control of your own retirement plans
  • Flexible retirement options to suit your needs at the time

Where applicable tax relief at the basic rate and up to the prescribed HMRC limits are claimed on your behalf by us and higher rate tax payers may reclaim further relief through their annual self assessment.

We only accept applications to take out a Suffolk Life MasterSIPP via an authorised financial adviser.'