You and your adviser want to make the most of every investment opportunity. So every Suffolk Life SIPP is designed to offer the investment freedom and flexibility you need.

We've highlighted some terms below that you may not be familiar with. You can click on these for further details.  


MasterSIPP gives you the freedom to access the widest range of investments within our proposition. You can choose whoever you like to look after your funds (subject to our due diligence), whether they're platforms, stockbrokers, discretionary investment managers. You can also invest directly through us.

You also gain access to our own in-house commercial property expertise. As at 1 January 2018, we own over 3,600 properties on behalf of 5,300 investors. Over the years, we've worked with many different professionals. We've used that experience to assemble a panel of solicitors, offering a menu of fees, who are tried and trusted when it comes to property and SIPPs. You are not, however, restricted to this panel.

Important information

The value of your pension fund may fall as well as rise. Your money will be tied up until you take your benefits. Benefits can generally be taken any time after age 55.

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