The manner in which an IM account is established and the investments that can be held within it is dependant upon which SIPP plan it relates to, all new plans (after 15th March 2010) will be Suffolk Life Trustees, if it is an existing plan then please check.

You can see a list of investment managers we have global agreements with here.

Suffolk Life Annuities Limited
Suffolk Life Annuities Limited will be established as both legal and beneficial owner of these IM accounts. Due to the way these SIPP plans are established the investment options available are not as wide as those available for Suffolk Life Trustees Limited IM accounts.

Suffolk Life Trustees Limited
Suffolk Life Trustees Limited will be the legal owner of the account, and our underlying pension investor will be the beneficial owner of the account. With this account there is a much wider range of assets that can be invested in.

Types of accounts
Pension investors may appoint an IM to manage their SIPP plan on one of the following bases:

The IM invests on behalf of the pension investor without consulting them on each trade they make on their behalf. The pension member would agree a risk profile and investment strategy with the IM in advance.

The IM recommends trades to the pension investor, leaving the investor with the final say on what transactions they make.

This type of account is established so that the IM acts purely as a broker and custodian for the SIPP. Cash is transferred to the IM and then dealt with in accordance with our pension investor’s instructions. The IM does not offer any advice or opinions and simply acts on the investor’s instructions but may contact the investor concerning the appropriateness of certain complex products.