How to invest

There are a variety of ways in which you, after having taken appropriate advice from your authorised adviser, may choose to invest in assets and securities through your SIPP with Suffolk Life.  You may choose to use the services offered by:

Platforms, which offer a one-stop-shop for investing in a broad range of pooled funds from many different fund managers. They can give your SIPP access to funds at reduced charges and allow faster, more efficient investment execution and administration. Please click here for our default platform options.

Execution-only stockbrokers, who will trade securities on your behalf and will only carry out your instructions to buy or sell.

Investment managers or discretionary fund managers, who will manage securities on your behalf and will aim to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of your SIPP. Please click here for more details.

Are there advantages in choosing particular types of investment services?
If you or your adviser chooses a platform, broker or investment manager which reports transactions to us electronically in a way which updates our systems automatically (in other words, if they are an e-investment affiliate), no transaction fees will apply.

Retaining SIPP funds in cash
You may decide to retain your SIPP funds in whole or in part in cash, in which case your funds will remain in your SIPP bank account earning interest.