Unlisted company shares

With effect from 1 November 2010, Suffolk Life are able to accept unlisted company shares within certain SIPP plans.

Which schemes can invest

Unlisted company shares can be held in any MasterSIPP set up since 15 March 2010. They can not be held for investors with:

  • The Suffolk Life SIPP;
  • Former protected rights plans held in a MasterSIPP;
  • SimSIPP;
  • SmartSIPP.

Allowable investment criteria

We will allow unlisted company shares which meet the following criteria:

  • Company must be incorporated in the UK;
  • Must be a trading company (not an investment company);
  • Must be ordinary shares (we do not allow preference shares or bonds);
  • You and your connected parties must not own 20% or more of the company;
  • You and your connected parties must not be controlling directors of the company;
  • You and your connected parties and concert parties must not have personal use of any assets of the company;
  • Shares must be purchased and held by an investment manager or in a stockbroker account;
  • Shares must be freely transferable to another eligible investor;
  • If there is a shareholder agreement in place, we require as copy of this before we can confirm allowability. Suffolk Life will not sign any shareholder agreements.


For full details of our unlisted company shares offering please refer to this 'how to' guide. Before allowing an investment into unlisted shares within a SIPP, the investor should have read this guide.

Unlisted Company Shares Investor Agreement

In addition to reading the guide, each investor must sign our Unlisted Company Shares Investor Agreement prior to any investment into unlisted company shares being placed.

Further information and queries

Should you have any further queries having read the Unlisted company shares guide, or would like us to assess the allowability of a particular unlisted company, please contact the asset transfer team or the allowable investments team.

If the PDF does not load when opened, please press F5 to refresh.

Document Date Download
Unlisted company shares 'how to' guide Oct 2010 Download PDF document
Unlisted company shares Agreement Oct 2010 Download PDF document