The facility to purchase commercial property as part of a SIPP portfolio is one of the main attractions for many investors. However, successfully buying and managing property is a highly specialist area that requires particular expertise and skills. Itís an area in which Suffolk Life excels and one in which we are exceptionally well qualified to operate.

Our Property Guide contains a wealth of information regarding the purchase and management of a property in a SIPP.

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Property investments must be valued when benefits are drawn, the value is a matter of a valuerís opinion rather than fact. If a sale is required for any reason it may be at an inopportune time and property can be illiquid. Rent will have to be paid at market rate in line with the terms of the lease, even if it is your SIPP that holds the property. You should consider that your SIPP may not be suitably diversified for your risk profile if the main asset is a property.